– Customization –

Flex Brush Will Customize To Your Needs

We know that you can’t always find a product that meets exactly what you need it to.
At Flex Brush, we will customize any of our products to give you exactly what you’re looking for, including:


•  Custom fill heights, available upon request


•  Alternative brush materials—nylon, hi temp PP, etc.


•  Alternative fill diameter available upon request


•  Standard fill diameter .006” (standard and slim-line offering)


•  Large series is a blend at 18% .020” straight, and 82% .025” crimped PP


•  Custom backing is available upon request; our engineering staff has the capacity to design unique geometry on the backing
    material to meet your needs


•  Creative packaging options to minimize space and material loss


•  Reels and cut-to-length options available; different coil options; easily palletized and stored




Contact your design team for more details: 888.986.7746 (ext.101)

1.888.986.7746 (ext.101)


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