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Garage Doors

Heavy Duty Truck and RV

Elevators and Escalators

These are the industries we serve, constantly eliminating problems for companies dealing in:

•  Garage Doors

•  Heavy Duty Truck and RV

•  Escalator and Elevator


Our company is open to expanding our private label opportunities too. Like our product, we are flexible; we can drop ship as needed or ship directly to your plant.


If you would like to talk more about this opportunity or find out more about Flex Brush, feel free to call us at 1.888.986.7746 or 216.252.2557.


As the perfect companion for the garage door industry, Flex Brush saves end-users money every month.


Studies have shown that even a 1/8” gap around a standard 16’ x 7’ garage door can amount to hundreds of wasted dollars in heating and cooling expenses. In fact, that insignificant 1/8” gap is roughly equivalent to a 6” x 6” hole in the wall. Multiplied by the number of doors in a building, it becomes clear that without proper weather sealing, both energy and money are being wasted.


Flex Brush can be cut to any length, eliminating wasted scrap. In addition, the product can be placed on a reel for easy storage. Flex Brush can be completely customized to fit a customer’s specific needs by adjusting the length of the high-quality brush filament or by altering the brush’s retainer. With a commitment to quality, Flex Brush is manufactured to ensure a standard, smooth and strong backing.


Flex Brush is suited to be used in conjunction with garage doors or standard doorways. It is perfect for:

•  Non-chemical Pest Control

•  Air Flow Control

•  Dust Control

•  Light Control

•  Sound Control


Flex Brush is manufactured in a range of sizes with customized, longer length filament or bristles. This makes Flex Brush the ideal brush-style, wheel-well splash or mud guard for shielding against flying debris.


Flex Brush’s metal-free backing ensures that the splash or mud-guard will not corrode or freeze – no matter the road conditions.


We can work with your current wheel-well retainer or assist you in creating a new design.



Flex Brush is the perfect protective brush for both the escalator and elevator industries. With safety in mind, our Custom Flex Series brush can help prevent sidewall entrapment accidents on escalators. The durable brush deflector provides a reminder to passengers to keep their feet away from the hazard area. It is suitable for OEM and aftermarket projects.


Installing our Custom Flex Series on elevator doors will reduce the risk of finger entrapment.  With the ability to customize both the density and the length of filament bristles, Flex Brush can be uniquely engineered to meet all safety requirements for both escalators and elevators.